Dallas Nail Tech: Juliet Ibe

Dallas nail technician Juliet Ibe has always been fascinated with nails from a very young age.  I’ve been amazed with her work. She’s a self-thought nail technician that does amazing nail art work. In 2013, she became licensed in what she loves to do. I remember when she first started. I and a couple of my friends went to get our nails done. And earlier this year on my trip back home she did my nails, and I ended up getting engaged that month! I was thankful that my nails lasted the whole trip & looking good throughout. I got a chance to ask Juliet Ibe about her nail tech business. Take a look!


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Juliet Ibe realized she wanted to do nails as early as first grade. Ibe’s friends and family helped her build her collection of nail polish. And in the 9th grade, Juliet Ibe started to experiment with acrylic. “I began practicing acrylic nails in the 9th grade when I was admired by a classmate’s nails and asked her the basic steps on how to do them,” stated Ms. Ibe. “I then went to Walmart and bought a cheap $9.00 acrylic kit and followed the directions on the back, as well as having watched a few YouTube videos.” When she was a junior in high school she signed up for cosmetology course, which took two years to complete. “By July of 2013, I became a licensed cosmetologist and in September of that year, I left my part-time job to work on my own,” concluded Ms. Ibe. That might seem like a huge gamble but to someone who’s sure about what they want to do, it just could be the life-changing decision to a successful business. I asked Ms. Ibe if she started with a business plan, she answered, “To be honest, when I started working on my own as a cosmetologist/nail tech I didn’t really have a business plan. I knew a few things as far as nail art and how to reel in a few people overtime. I just went with the flow as God was leading me with His wisdom.” Ms. Ibe stated that when she first started it was hard for her, she didn’t have many clients. She would have one or two clients in a week or week and a half. “What kept me going was the beautiful outcome that I knew would produce from stepping out on faith. I knew that I had a God-given gift/talent because I loved what I did and something in me would keep me pushing even when I wanted to quit several times. When God plants a seed/talent in a person, He is able to bring fruition through those gifts He gave.” Her dedication to her faith was what kept her going. I asked Ms. Ibe what motivation would she give to those who wanted to do what she did, she concluded “Keep on pushing! Research how to improve and increase in skill. Learn to put your own “spin/twist” so that you will have unique work to show and offer. I also learned to remember that practice makes improvement not perfect, because no matter how well I may do something, there may be something so small that I feel I could’ve done better. Perfection is something good to strive for, because that is a good challenge to give yourself, but don’t beat yourself up if things aren’t exactly perfect because such is life. And most importantly to me, I found that abiding in God who gave me my talent has caused me to continually increase from where I started. It’ll be all worth it!” What an amazing word of encouragement. To see more pictures of Juliet Ibe’s work follow her Instagram business page: Jewelz_nailart, and if you want to make an appointment you can do so on her website 

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