Signs that you might have found THE one.

If you’re here you’re probably wondering if you’ve found the one. Love is something we humans long for, whether we believe it or not. Us humans are social beings. We like the idea of love, we like the idea of finding that one and enjoying the rest of our lives with that person. Maybe that’s why the divorce rate is high. Do we rush into marriage longing for that fairytale love? Regardless of the reasons, no relationship is perfect it’s how we deal with the situations. Sometimes we miss out on THE one by allowing unnecessary situations to break up the relationship. Here are a few reasons that can help you decide if you’ve found the one.

1. Chemistry.

The chemistry from the get-go seemed magical. You’ve felt chemistry similar but nothing on that level. You’re more comfortable with the person than you were with past relationships. You don’t get the usually butterflies and shyness like you do with others, there just something about this person that makes you feel loved, belong, and comfortable around them.

2. Mutual Trust.

Trust is not given easily but for some reason, you trust this person more than you’ve ever trusted anyone. And they trust you just as much. There’s mutual trust between you and your partner.

3. Being yourself around him/her.

This ties with chemistry, the comfortability you both feel is on another level. You can laugh and play with each other. They understand your weirdness and you understand there’s.

4. You can create fun anywhere.

Sure, going out is fun but staying home can be just as fun. You both can create happiness for each other and enjoy each other’s company regardless of the location.

5. You support/motivate each other.

No matter how crazy the dream is, you both support each other. They don’t doubt your capability to succeed. You root for each other, and always push each other to your full potentials. And if someone should fail you always motivate them to get right back up and try again.

6. You read each other’s minds.

Do you feel like you’re dating a mind reader? They just get you. It’s like they took a class specializing in you. They know when you’re upset, happy, or when something is bothering you. They get you more than you get yourself.

7. Time apart doesn’t faze your relationship.

Sometimes life throws us circumstances that we think we aren’t ready for. Jobs that requires travels, or studies abroad. Whatever the reason maybe, you don’t allow it to affect your relationship. Sometimes it even makes the relationship stronger because you realize how much you love them regardless if you guys are apart.

8. It’s about “us” rather than you.

It was all about you, even in past relationships. But here you are thinking about the “us” in your current relationship. When deciding what to buy, eat or do, it all becomes a we decision rather than you.

9. Communication.

Communicating in a relationship has never been easy. You can discuss any subject. Feelings are easily communicated and arguments don’t last. Arguments definitely don’t effect the relationship, they rather make it better, by both party learning from it.

10. No one can compare to your partner.

Your partner is unique. You might feel you can never find someone like them again. The love is one of a kind. Through the thick and thin, there’s no one you rather go through life than the person who loves and completes you.

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