8 Traveling Essentials For Long Flights

This time around on my flight back home (Ghana) I was highly prepared since it wasn’t my first/second or even third time traveling long haul flights. The flight which included few stops and layovers lasted about 20+ hours. If it’s your first time traveling long haul flights, here are some essentials you’ll need.

  1. Toothbrush

I take my toothbrush in my purse/backpack that goes underneath the seat in front of me. It’s easy travel access, when I want to brush my teeth on a flight. You can put it in your carry on but that requires you taking down the carry-on in mid flight and opening it up. Too much of a hassle if you ask me. If you prefer putting in your carry-on, you can definitely use the restroom at an airport during your layover.

2. Wipes

Lifesaver for us females. You can use it to wipe off old makeup and refresh your makeup. Also good for feminine hygiene. If you are traveling with kids the wipes becomes your Bestfriend. Also good for men to clean up a bit, such as face and underarms.

3. Slip-on’s

I personally like to travel wearing easy slip-on and slip-off shoes/sandals. For one, it makes it easier going through security, and secondly it can add a bit of comfort on the plane ride.

4. Travel pillow(s)

You’re already provided with one on the plane, I usually use those for mid/lower back comfort. It’s already hard trying to sleep on a plane but bringing an extra pillow could make your sleep a tad bit more comfortable.

5. Light jacket

Planes are cold and dry. You’re provided with a light blanket already but depending on how well you deal with cold environment, you might want to add a light jacket. And if you’re traveling to a cold destination then you might want to dress accordingly.

6. Bring snacks

Snacks are your best friends during layovers. They also help if you’re hungry and just can’t wait for flight attendants to serve up your meal.

7. Water

You can always ask for water on the plane but being hydrated is very important when it comes to long haul flights, mostly because the air is so dry on the plane. If you’re going to check through security you won’t be able to bring a bottle of water. You’ll have to wait till after you pass through security before you can purchase a bottle of water.

8. Entertainment/Headphones

If your traveling long haul flights, chances are your flight has a list of entertainment for you. From movies, to Games, to music. But if you have a layover somewhere, you might need some entertainment depending how long of a layover. You’re provided with headphones on the plane but they aren’t usually the best headphones. I like to bring my own, especially noise cancellation headphones.

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