How I cured my insomnia

Past couple of nights I’ve been going to bed at 2-3 am and waking up 5-6am. During the day I could feel a slight headache that was barely noticeable, yet very annoying. Eyes were heavy, mind and body was sluggish. It got to a point where I was begging for sleep. My eyes became so heavy I would close them for a couple of minutes to find relief. All this from someone who doesn’t drink caffeine or sodas, but I must admit my phone in bed might have played a part. I decided that I’ve had enough. That night I would make sure I went to bed as early as I could and defeat this monster called insomnia. I decided to change my routine a bit to get back to my old self. I made sure I browsed through my phone only when the room was lit and before I laid in bed. Next thing was to try what they do in movies; taking baths. I usually take showers but I decided I was going to take a hot bath that night. I got the water hot enough for a tingle, but not too hot to burn or feel uncomfortable to the skin. I laid in the bath tub for almost thirty minutes with my eyes closed and thinking of peaceful scenery. I started to notice myself getting somewhat sleepy as my mind escaped to tropical islands. ”Twas the first time the entire day, that I felt relaxed. To top things off, I went to the kitchen turned on the kettle and boiled water to which I made tea. The tea was unsweetened and because I lacked lemon, I used lime instead. Not the best tasting but it sure was relaxing. I sipped my tea as I read a book. And not too long after, I realized that I was finally defeating the beast that had taken over my mind and body for the past couple of days. That night I was in bed by 9pm. Next couple of days I no longer needed my routine. My body had finally adjusted to the new bed time; I had cured my insomnia.

I would love to hear some of the things you’ve done to cure your insomnia.

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