Sugarcane-Tiwa Savage

TIWA……TIWA….TIWA…. girl how many times did I say your name? You did that!! This EP drop is surprisingly good.

If you haven’t heard, Nigerian female artist Tiwa Savage dropped her EP Sugarcane September 22, 2017. Honestly didn’t listen to it, until last night (October, 4th). I heard about the drop but really wasn’t interested mostly because I honestly didn’t think highly of her R.E.D album. Don’t get me wrong the album had good music, but it was the typical party/club vibe. Couldn’t relate other than dancing to it at clubs/parties and there wasn’t much variety per se. I don’t blame her for choosing that route because that’s what sales in the African music industry. But Sugarcane EP gives you vibes. People love music that they can relate to in some way, and I think Tiwa Savage hit the nail on the head with this one. The music puts you in moods and not to mention she gave us vocals!! Sugarcane EP gave us music to vibe and relate to and still gave us our regular club vibes with songs like “Me and you” and “all over.” Definitely one of her best work yet and cannot wait to see what she has pending for us in the future.

The Sugarcane EP comes with six singles, including one of her hit single this year “all over” and it’s available on iTunes for just 5.94 USD.



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