It’s December: Wrapping up the year.


It is the end of the year. Can you believe how fast the year flew by? It is still unbelievable to me. This year brought joy and laughter but also brought sadness and tears. I am overall thankful for another year. Here’s a little recap of how my year went.

January- All I remember from this month was the resolution I and my Fiancee set for ourselves. We set goals that we wanted to meet as a couple and we met most of it.

February- Feburary marked my daughter’s six BIRTHDAY!! The big 6! Where has the time gone? I cannot be more grateful for my angel. IMG_0850
I also got ENGAGED!!!!!! February 26, 2017, marked a new chapter in my life. I traveled to Nigeria where my boyfriend of two years proposed to me. As I type right now I’m reliving the excitement and the entire day all over again.

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March- After an exciting vacation, came back home to Texas.  I decided to take a few summer classes while working.

April- I decided to quit job and go to school full time.

May- This month was the saddest month of my entire life. I lost my beautiful grandmother right at the end of May. It was extremely hard for me to cope with. She was a mother to me. At one point in my early childhood, I called her mom (I lived with her at the time). I really genuinely thought she was my mother, so much so that when my mother came to get me, I was so confused haha. source.gif

June- For this month I worked hard to finish summer one classes. It was difficult not because of the classes, but trying to stay afloat after losing someone so dear to me.

July- I took summer two classes while trying to help my mom plan a funeral in a different country. My grandmother passed in Ghana. So we worked hard planning a funeral that was thousands of miles away. It was also this month I decided to start up my blog.

August- Finished summer classes successfully. My mother, my daughter and I traveled to Ghana to start some last minute preparation for the funeral.

September- From the 8th-10th was the funeral service for my grandmother. I still can’t believe she’s gone. The number one woman in my life is really gone. Few days later, I traveled back to Texas.

October- My 26th birthday month. I didn’t celebrate it, and I didn’t feel like celebrating it. Honestly, I just couldn’t celebrate it knowing that my grandmother isn’t on this Earth anymore. But I was thankful for the new age, and grateful for my life and being able to see 26.

November- The month of giving Thanks. It has been a tough job staying positive this year but I was still able to give thanks for the family I have and for the family I’m about to have. Knowing that there’s a better future ahead of me and my loved ones is what I’m thankful for.

December- The end of the year. Can’t say much has happened since today is the 1st of December,  but I can say that despite some setbacks, overall this year has been good to me. I am grateful for my family, my daughter, and my fiancee. I cannot wait for 2018 to bring more joy and happiness. I hope 2017 has been good to you, and I hope that it continues being good to you.  Happy first of the month!

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