A Younique product I wish wasn’t discontinued.

I was browsing through the web and I was hoping I would find some more shades of a product that I fell in love with a few years back. It was the Younique loose pigment eye shadows, to my surprise it was discontinued. If you haven’t seen younique in your local stores or even heard about it’s because they work like Mary kay and Avon. I came across it because my friend use to sell Younique products. To be honest I never really heard of them till she started selling them. I bought few products but the ones I really fell in love with was the younique loose pigments. I can’t believe they’ve lasted me so long! I think I bought the products from her around 2014 and I cannot for the life of me remember how much they were but I remember buying over $100 worth of products from her that day. Back then it was hard for me to find products that were truly pigmented, now-a-days you can find a lot of pigmented eye shadows pretty much everywhere.

The Gold color is called Gorgeous, The silver is called Fiesty and the Black is a matte color called Corrupted.

All hope is not lost though, I found some sellers on Ebay selling these bad boys. So of course I ordered some more colors while they are still available. Take a look at the pigment on my skin.


I do plan on trying some of the newer products Younique has to offer and see what has changed or hasn’t changed over the years. I just wish that this is one product that wasn’t discountinued but i’m sure that they’ve improved on their product (let’s hope) and maybe that’s why they had to discountinue these beautiful eye shadows. Maybe their newer eye shadow products are much better than these. Definitely something I need to try and compare.

9 thoughts on “A Younique product I wish wasn’t discontinued.

      1. thank you 🙂 if possible I would like some purple and rose gold shades. And some burgundy brownish colors. If I remember correctly one of the shades I liked a lot was called heatbroken or maybe heart break


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