Hey, ladies and Gents. It’s been a while (hence the title). I did not post at all in the month of January due to busy schedule, with that being said, Happy New Year!! And Happy New Month!! I am excited for this month because in a few days my daughter turns 7. Honestly where has the time gone? You never realized how fast time moves until you have a child.

I started school in mid January, so it has been quite difficult staying dedicated to my blog, I know that many college students can relate. I am currently in school full time as well as a full time mommy. So, just a little update for this year; I started a new job late December, it’s a part time job which I love and enjoy doing. In January I got promoted!!! I was blessed and thankful to get a raise in less than a month of getting this new job. I can definitely say that 2018 has started off on a great notice. And I cannot wait for the rest of the year and what it might hold.

I’ve kept most of my New Year resolutions as well, except for the working out part. I do plan to get back on that wheel pretty soon. I also wanted to eat healthier this year which surprisingly I have done a pretty good job. I do slip up here and there, because I love food so much!!! I just recently added another New Year resolution(last week) which was to try and go vegan. As an African, it is quite difficult to do, but I am determined.

How has your year started? Are you sticking to your new years resolutions or have you already given up? comment below! would love to know. Also if you have any tips on going vegan such as: food prep and even restaurants that may serve vegan food, that would be lovely and very well appreciated.

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