Ebony Reigns


I am sure by now most of us have heard the terrible news about Ghanaian females artist Priscilla Opoku-Kwartend also known as Ebony Reigns in the public eye.

She was in an unfortunate car accident that cause her and two others their lives on February 8th 2018. Her friend and assistant Franky Kuri and a soldier named Francis Atisu Vondee.

It is a shame when I see big respectful blogs posting pictures of the gory deceased bodies for the sole purpose of traffic to their websites. It makes me sick!

I am deeply sadden by this because she was a very talented singer. The video that surfaced of her earlier that same day that they got in the crash, really shows that we don’t know when our time is near. She was living freely and enjoying her life like most of us do on a daily basis.

While she was alive people talked about her dressing, but as an entertainer you have to realize that it’s all part of the show. Ghanaians will worship the nakedness of American artist yet criticize a little showing of leg to their own fellow Ghanaian musicians. Her style was edgy and with the times of today.

Of course with death, especially in Ghana there are many superstitions. Every time an artist dies there is always some untrue superstitions and rumors that go around. Do not blame her death on witch craft or her life style. The truth is the road conditions are bad. When I went to Ghana in 2016 there was a stretch of road that was so dangerous it kills many people each year, we drove with care but it was still frightening . Ghana government needs to work on roads to local areas and not just the cities. There needs to be more than one lane for each traffic directions as well as road median/divers. There needs to be adequate lighting as well. Road safety needs to be thought! Truth is, its not the first time for an accident like this, its just that the tragedy happened to a very talented public figure. Ghana we need to do better with our roads. We have definitely come a long way when it comes to our cities. We did great and I’m very proud of what the Ghana government has achieved. But let us focus on local roads as well.

Another thing is all these pastors claiming they prophesies the death of the star is completely insane to me. Why not try to reach her? Or come out to the public if reaching her was not possible. I know that there is actually one pastor that contacted her about it. I feel as though many are coming out to capitalized on a tragedy.

Ebony should be remembered by her talent and stage present. She should be remembered by her free spirit as well as her friend Franky. Although I do not know much about the soldier, I do know that these young women lived a joyous life.

I hope that Ebony, Franky, and Francis are resting in heavenly peace.

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